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Oracle 12C

Our specialism in Oracle Database is provided in the following offerings;

Healthchecks • Upgrades • Expert Services • Training • Managed Services

What does the Oracle 12c Database Expert Services Include?

Our Expert Service enables you to either Implement, Upgrade and / or Migrate to an Oracle 12c Database Environment, whilst benchmarking against other optimised 12c examples.

Vertice Oracle 12c Database Expert Services is a proven package that leverage’s best practices derived from our combined knowledge and experience of Oracle 12c Databases.

We utilise our 12c experienced DBAs and ensure your 12c deployment are optimised for your specific needs…

Thereafter Vertice are also available to act in an advisory and support capacity to your in-house DBAs to ensure your have sufficient 12c experience attained and have access to our experienced DBAs if needed – or – we can provide a managed service for your 12c Environments.

Allowing you to focus on attaining further value adds for your internal clients.

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Oracle 12c Database Expert Services

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