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Software Asset Management

Vertice Software Asset Management –  for your Oracle Solutions, existing and intended, ensures you remove any possible uncertainty and doubt from negotiations or renewals. Thus we ensure validation of your decisions and so ensure your Oracle interactions and Solutions are providing optimal return.
Software Asset Management
Vertice Software Asset Management offers – Highest Value in the Shortest Amount of Time…it should not and does not require extensive data collection, discovery services or internal staff time. After all, the majority of Oracle’s customers face similar challenges that are readily understood and addressed without time-consuming detailed activities. Vertice also recognises that enormous risk and hidden costs can be buried within your Oracle environment. Thankfully, Vertice offerings are able to uncover these potential problem areas and provide recommendations on valuable next steps.
SAM Offerings
Vertice Software Asset Management offerings,  gives you the options to manage your Oracle licenses using a trusted advisor who will help guide your organisation to making the best decisions for your Oracle environments:

  • Gain confidence to license what you need, when you need it, under favourable pricing and terms
  • Grow with Vertice from initial engagement to a fully outsourced SAM service
  • Flexible offerings that range from fixed, to shared, to risk-free commercial terms that best suit your organisation‘s needs
  • Very experienced resources from a Global perspective that span hundreds of license publishers, regional distinctions and decades of Oracle-specific experience
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